Peanut Butter Opportunities – Brought to Me by President’s Choice

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          “What bothers me about the situation is that I would proceed differently now, but I can’t recover from giving [said person] the wrong impression,” I explained to Olivia on the drive into work this morning.

          “Girl, how many jars of peanut butter do we have at home?” she responded.

          Through my laughter, I replied without answering, “Completely irrelevant.”

          “There’s that smile! How many?” she persisted.

          “Five jars, bitch!” I happily humoured her with the tone of a high five minus the actual hand collision. “I’m seriously addicted.”



This is what an addict’s groceries look like.

This is what an addict’s groceries look like.

          Yesterday, I could feel anxiety pounding in my chest. I sometimes build little things in my mind until they present themselves as physical symptoms. Last night’s culprit was Facebook photo uploading. Ridiculous. I know. The gist of it is that my laptop was running on snail mode, causing a few simple uploads that should have taken minutes to consume an hour and a half of my evening. My laptop is so lucky that it’s not currently shattered on the concrete outside of my apartment building. It was this close (I am hypothetically holding my right thumb and forefinger a millimetre apart) to being thrown off the balcony. #Frustrated.          

          Allowing myself some space from my stupid computer, I watched the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy with my favourite roommate (only roommate – but she’d be my favourite anyway). TV-watching is not something that I do often anymore. I quickly become bored, as I did partway through the episode. By the time Grey’s was done, I was antsy. I needed out of my apartment. It was half past 10, and I had been there since getting home from work. Not cool. Too much time at home makes me itch for escape. Though I could have easily gone to bed (and almost did in attempt to sleep off the remnant laptop irritation), I got off the couch and embarked on my night, best friend at the ready. I refused to be okay with letting the evening end on a bad note, simply because of three unacceptable excuses: it was late, it was Monday, and I had $0 to spend – none of which have stopped me since the beginning of The Happiness Experiment. If The Happiness Experiment has taught me anything, it is that there is always something to do, even at 10:30 pm on a Monday night. Times, dates, and bank account balances don’t matter. Entertainment can always be found if one is determined enough to look.

          Craving a healthy dessert, specifically vanilla PC Blue Menu Yogurt Smoothie bars, I wishfully hoped for frozen creaminess. Already broke at the beginning of a new pay cycle, I didn’t think they’d be a possibility. Then it hit me: PC points! In my seven years of having a PC bank account, I’ve never had enough points to redeem free groceries, but maybe I finally did! (This is an example of the straws that I grasp at in desperate times. Poordom definitely fuels creativity.) With 13 minutes to go until the grocery store closed, I booked it down the highway and nearly caused an accident at a traffic light before running through grocery aisles in search of yogurt bars and natural peanut butter. (At this point, I still didn’t know if I had PC points to redeem; but, if I did, I would have $20 in free groceries. The yogurt bars wouldn’t run me that much, so why not stock up on my favourite crunchy peanut butter? P.S. I can’t believe I just had the luxury of using the words “stock up.” The poor don’t get to stock up. They’re lucky to be able to afford an item in the first place. Buying multiples of the same thing is a rich bitch’s game.) When I got to the peanut butter section, the heavens opened before me: PC Blue Menu Just Peanuts was on sale! Each jar, regularly priced at $4.99, was just $2.98 – at Superstore, land of inflated prices, of all places! This has never even happened at No Frills, land of the food-uninspired dead. I knew right then that everything would work out; I would have the required 20,000 PC points. There was no way that life would present me with such opportunity only to rip it out from under my grasp at the cash. I walked out of the store with a box of yogurt bars and five jars of peanut butter courtesy of PC, beaming at my own brilliant problem solving.

          Uninterested in taking the creamy treats home, Olivia and I drove to Port Credit for a nearby getaway. Enjoying the feeling of a summer night’s breeze flowing through the window and listening to music reminiscent of last August’s trip to NYC, the grip that anxiety held over my chest was relinquished. At the lake, I indulged in guilt-free, complimentary dessert while overlooking the moonlit water that sparkled like nothing I’ve seen outside of a Disney movie. It felt like I was in another world. It wasn’t Monday. I didn’t have to work the next day. Slow laptops and technical difficulties didn’t exist.

Happiness Tip: Find your close-to-home escape.

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