Me Time

Aug 15, 2013 by

          Feeling an insane amount of pressure (self-inflicted, as almost always) lately, I decided to take some time to myself this week. I wanted space from everything: people, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, my best friend, my social calendar – all of it. I craved my own company, and only my own company. (My occasional need for alone time still blows me away. It was only five months ago that I feared me time, and now I’m willingly seeking it. P.S. Holy crap, it’s actually been a while since I began my happiness experiment. My time references to the beginning of it are doing less and less justice to how quickly it has turned my life around.) While I didn’t completely avoid social interaction (I like to be around people too much to go completely off the radar), I spent less time with friends than usual. I also dropped my own expectation of keeping my online social networks up to date, freeing myself from the internet for most of the week. Because I wasn’t willing to stay home often (being home for too long makes me antsy), on multiple occasions, Starbucks, Chapters, and I were reacquainted. I absolutely love both Chapters and Starbucks. The Chapters that I go to has a Starbucks connected to it, as I believe most of them do. I frequented Chapters/Starbucks before I had friends. Escaping in a book is an excellent remedy for loneliness, and I love the atmosphere. I’ve always thought it calming, yet haven’t found myself engulfed by its comfort in months, making my time alone that much more precious. It was beautiful. I read. I wrote. I breathed. Oh, and I didn’t advertise it to the online world. As far as Facebook and Twitter were concerned, maybe I was having drinks (water) on a patio, maybe I was chasing food trucks, maybe – dare I say it – I was at home. Maybe it was a mystery to the world tonight, and I liked it that way.

Happiness Tip: Reclaim your me time.

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