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          With plans to enjoy the flavours of Greece at the Taste of the Danforth on Friday night, I got home from work with two pre-Danforth options: shower or nap. I only had time for one, because showering would have been followed by a minimum one hour of blow drying and straightening my hair. Exhausted at the thought, I headed straight to my bed for two hours of blissful rest, deciding to make the best of my hair later. (While writing this, I just remembered that my friend gave me a sample of dry shampoo to try! That probably would have been useful on Friday. I ended up having a fab hair night anyway. Don’t you love those times when your hair is a mess, you put next to no effort into fixing it, and you walk out of your home looking better than you would have if you had spent over an hour scolding it? Thank you, hair gods!)

          Since the onset of The Happiness Experiment, I’m not a fan of after work naps. I used to sleep away my evenings and weekends in hopes of disappearing. Thus, I’ve avoided naps as much as possible, worried that one nap would lead to regular naps, causing me to spiral back into a bad habit. Friday night was an exception to my unwritten no-nap rule. I felt like death after another week of hatred-filled morning workouts, which are significantly more draining than my usually invigorating ones. I knew that if I didn’t nap, I’d revert back into the bitch that was Thursday Maria.

          Wow. Friends, let me tell you, that nap was better than one million happy pills (if there were such thing). The difference in my mood was astounding. I woke up recharged, energized, and ready to walk the entire festival in search of the best chicken souvlaki on a pita amongst the seemingly endless variations. (To the untrained palette, they may all taste the same. Not so, my dear readers. I was on a mission to find the one with perfectly grilled chicken and thick, creamy, yogurt-only tzatziki, which I discovered at Megas. I am still craving it today.) I felt light for the first time that week, refreshed and prepared to enjoy my evening without a late night crash. While I refuse to make napping a habit, I am now aware that naps are not just by-products of depression; they also double as happiness boosters.

Happiness Tip: Take a nap!

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