Weekend Getaway: Priceless

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07.16.2013 - Niagara $0, Orillia $0, Weekend Getaway Priceless            While driving home from Orillia on Sunday night, I took in the sight of vast fields and lush greenery as one of this summer’s rare warm breezes rushed through the car windows. I inhaled slowly, absorbing the realization that, at that moment, breathtaking scenery and carefree gusts of hot winds were my life. All I had to do to make them happen was say yes, a word that I’ve finally become accustomed to letting myself use.

          This amazing weekend was possible simply because I had allowed it to be. Had I had the same mindset that I do now, it would have been just as achievable last summer while I was unemployed. Between Niagara and Orillia on the weekend, I didn’t spend a cent. I didn’t make any purchases or gamble in Niagara, I stayed at a friend’s in Orillia and dipped into my home alcohol stash for entertainment while there, and transportation costs fell within my gas budget for this pay period. Thus, being broke did not prevent awesome weekends in the past; I did. For most of my life, I’ve limited myself, saying no to opportunities out of guilt. I had to study or I had to work or I had to clean my apartment or I had to go to the gym or I had to save my money or I had to – whatever. I’ve relinquished myself of this mentality in recent months, pushing fun and social affairs up my priority list. The result has been a life that I love, which seems to flow without limits.

          I had been my own limit all along. I had refused myself permission to enjoy my life, thinking that the good life would one day fall into my lap like some sort of karmic reward for my self-inflicted suffering. (I don’t even believe in karma.) That’s not how it works. Life doesn’t tally our scores of good and bad moments to determine what comes next. Whether we recognize it or not, we choose what comes next. We also choose how we want to live our lives right now. We are our own limits. We can take (or not take) ourselves where we want to go. We just have to allow ourselves to go there. We just have to act. We just have to let ourselves say yes.

Happiness Tip: Be limitless.

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