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          I had a fabulous weekend! Although by Thursday of last week, I had really only planned my Saturday, I unexpectedly turned my entire weekend into a mini vacation that was 100 percent free! By the end of it, I was the definition of Zen (and sunburnt).         
          On Friday night, craving Niagara, I made a drive to the Falls for a change of scene. Though not a gambler, I find the casino vibe addicting: the lights, the sounds, the irrational hope, the loss of time, the jacked up oxygen – it’s electrifying! The excitement surrounding the tables is energizing. Despite having no knowledge of the game, I particularly enjoy watching craps, as I hopefully wait for a couple to announce their engagement based on a roll of the dice, Chandler and Monica style. I may secretly hope that the female half of that duo is miraculously me, the single girl (fantasies need not be logical).

          While roaming the casino floor, I heard live music booming from its usual spot at the small club behind the tables. The crowd was at least double my age, but the sounds of Irish music pulled me inside. (Go to NYC to see Once, the musical. Standing room tickets are only $27. It will melt your heart and make you – probably erroneously – believe that epic love stories inevitably evolve from Irish music. Actually, Once is coming to Toronto soon, so GTA residents won’t even need to cross the border to feel the love.) I laughed uncontrollably as Olivia and I tried to blend in with everyone there, who Irish danced like the descendants of leprechauns. The night ended with the band’s rendition of Sweet Caroline, a song that will always remind me of childhood weekend trips to Niagara with my dad and sisters, who definitely received voicemails of my out-of-tune, “Bump, bump, bump!” on Friday night. (Yes, there is a home video of my sisters and I marching around my parents’ kitchen table, belting this song at the top of our lungs. Yes, there were also props. No, we were not that young.)

          After an incredibly fun night in Niagara, we found ourselves in Orillia for the rest of the weekend. Saturday night was spent downing one of my new favourite drinks: The Emma. Emmas are most definitely the best cure for post-online-dating hopelessness. After about five of them, you’ve forgotten how many guys’ profiles have disappointed you and you’re really, really glad you left your phone at home, having foreseen the night’s drunk-text potential. Given the gorgeous weather, staying in cottage country all of Sunday to lounge by the pool was an absolute must before the lovely weekend came to a close that evening with a nice, long summer drive home. I was unbelievably relaxed after my unanticipated sweet escape – the perfect Tylenol to my wanderlust.

Happiness Tip: Get away for the weekend.

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