Benefits of the Social Network

Jul 16, 2013 by

          As horrified as I was to join the social networking masses, it’s been less frightening than I had made it out to be in anticipation. In actuality, it’s been beneficial to both my blog and my social confidence. Since launching The Happiness Experiment and publicizing it on Facebook just over a week ago, more people have noticed my blog than expected. (Admittedly, one person could have made this statement true, as I had expected the worst: zero readers.) Friends have read it (a few have been interested enough to read all of it!), and friends of friends have read it. To my pleasant surprise, guys have taken just as much of an interest in it as girls. One of my baseball teammates, who has only ever bought two books in his entire life and read neither, even enjoyed my blog. (That’s right; my blog is stimulating reading in general.) Furthermore, The Happiness Experiment has been featured on another blog, it has inspired others (as per the words of readers), and it has been given nothing but the most positive feedback. Due to the encouraging response that I’ve received in such a short time span, which wouldn’t have been possible had I not faced my fear of signing up for Facebook, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to jump back into social networking. It has enabled me to connect with people in a way that is different from what I’m used to. Friends have been beyond generous with their compliments, resulting in many incidents of excited shrieks, enthusiastic jumping, and frantic actions of happy-tear prevention on my end. Although I’m still getting used to having a highly accessible online presence, social networking has allowed The Happiness Experiment to reach people beyond my own means, encouraging them to put happiness first.

Happiness Tip: Network!

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