My Dating Cheerleaders

Jul 9, 2013 by

          Shortly after walking into work yesterday, I received a call from my friend sitting at the opposite end of the office.

          “Hey girl! How are you?” I answered.

          “Hi hon! I’m good! How are you?” she responded.

          “Good! What’s up?” I asked curiously. Since we work in different departments, our conversations are almost never work-related.

          “O-M-G, did you see the cutie petutie that’s walking around the office?” she whispered into the phone.

          I laughed at both her use of the term “cutie petutie” and the fact that she is always on the guy lookout for me. “No, where is he?”

          “He’s tall, so stand up,” she urged. “You may be able to see him.”

          I immediately rose from my seat to scope out the situation (HR friendliness at its finest). “Crap, I can’t see him. Someone’s blocking my view.”

          She laughed. “Okay, make sure you lookout for him.”

          “Will do! I’ll get back to you with my thoughts once I meet him,” I assured her.

          After introducing myself to the new guy, I made a visit to my friend’s desk. “He’s cute,” I agreed, “but I talked to him for a minute, and he’s not my type,” I said decidedly.

          She laughed at my usual picky response, and we proceeded to chat about my most recent, hopefully more lucrative dating venture online.

          For their genuine interests in my dating progress, I adore my dating supporters. My friends are nearly as dedicated to my boyfriend quest as I am. They’re regularly guy-watching on my behalf, frequently pointing people out to me and showing me pictures of singles that they know. They’re continuously fueling ideas for how I can meet new guys, offering their help along the way, and suggesting plans to check out guy-oriented places and events. They also maternally warn me to avoid guys in clubs and bars. (Ladies, I think I’ve finally learned my lesson.) As you can tell, my friends are fabulous.

          As previously posted, my sister has also joined the find-a-boyfriend-ASAP mission. She recently texted me a picture of a guy she knows with an accompanying mini sales pitch for why I should go out with him. I disqualified him for being outside of my preferred age range, but I love her for keeping an eye out.

          To my lovely dating cheerleaders, thank you so much for your tireless guy scoping and endless support! It is very much appreciated. P.S. It’s been only five days since I’ve joined Match, and a seemingly cute guy has already asked me to go out for coffee with him. We have progress, girls!

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