What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

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This is what happens when a pigeon flies over my head (by far my greatest fear). If I can survive that, I can survive social media.

This is what happens when a pigeon flies over my head (by far my greatest fear). If I can survive that, I can survive social media.

          I am about to push a post (this one) to Facebook for the first time. Ho-ly fuck. People are going to know about my blog now, and they may actually (gasp!) read it. My life is about to go from completely guarded to open book in a click. I’m terrified. I was 100 percent comfortable telling all when Microsoft Word was my only audience. Launching a blog that anyone with access to the internet can see is different. I’m naked to the world in this space.

          Before you think I’m being overdramatic because people are exposing their own lives on social networking sites all the time, let me give you some perspective. Today, I signed up for Facebook for the first time in over four years. The last time I had Facebook, a timeline was a wall, the option to “like” things didn’t exist, and bumper stickers were cool. My profile is so fresh that it isn’t even stalk-worthy yet. My life hasn’t been on public display with everyone else’s since I was 19. This is my twenty-something social media debut, and I’m scared.

          Knowing this day would come for months, I’ve been mentally preparing myself to both launch my blog and accept the fact that I would need to resort to social networking to draw traffic to it and connect with readers. I’ve freaked myself out with thoughts about who could explore my blog and how they may respond. What will my friends and family think? What will my employer think? Most importantly, what will potential boyfriends think? (Okay, I’m not stupid enough to immediately tell guys I’m interested in about The Happiness Experiment or add them to Facebook. I’m not handing any future someones the keys to my neuroticisms until they already like me and can overlook them as cute quirks. Still, it’s a legitimate concern. Google spares no one.)

          As for the social networking part, I’ve had many internal conflicts. I’ve switched sides of the personal debate countless times, going back and forth between these main arguments for months:
1. Ugh! I don’t want any social networking accounts. This goes against my happiness experiment by forcing myself to do something that I don’t want to do.

2. Ugh! Without social networking, how will I initiate blog traffic? People need to know about my blog to read it, and I want people to read it. Oh no, is Facebook in line with The Happiness Experiment?

          FYI: The Happiness Experiment is full of these catch 22s, which typically arise out of my fears of imagined consequences. I think I’ve finally developed an efficient way of resolving them by asking myself: What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Coincidently, this question caught my eye in a video training session at work, in which it was featured painted on the wall of a Facebook office. Posing this question to myself, I know that, all fears aside, I would launch my blog and do whatever I felt was necessary to gain readership, including activating a Facebook account. (I would probably also catch a baseball, but my lips being in working condition takes priority. Sorry team!)

          Now that I’ve tackled my fear, I ask you, dear readers, what would you do if you weren’t afraid? Tell me below. I absolutely encourage you to do it!

Happiness Tip: Do something that scares you.

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