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Jul 7, 2013 by

          I am quite possibly the least technologically inclined person of my generation. I don’t have a Smartphone, a GPS, or an iAnything; I depend on Google to teach me how to do everything from stringing Christmas lights to fixing a blown fuse in my apartment; and the possibilities of Excel never cease to utterly amaze me (I think it’s safe to say that Excel stopped blowing regular people’s minds circa the last millennium). Yet, over the last three weeks, I’ve successfully tackled the challenge of creating a blog! Here’s a glimpse into the experiences and lessons of blogging so far:

  • Blogs begin as nearly completely blank, white web pages, even after installing a theme. (Apparently, themes are not ready-made websites, as one may wrongly assume.) For a chick who can barely manage to enter her phone number into a guy’s touch screen phone, blog development was an ambitious venture.
  • After several hours of little progress and laughing at my own cluelessness (which is an awesome alternative to stressing out), I discovered widgets! They are the magic keys to blog layouts.
  • “Ohhhh!” and other expressions of enlightenment were the initial extent of my web-related vocabulary. It has evolved to include words like “widgets” (see above).
  • Deep breaths saved my laptop from being flung off my balcony on multiple occasions. Building a blog requires angelic levels of patience. I possess demonic levels of impatience.
  • La Petite Mort by Coeur de Pirate (just when I thought I had come to terms with the fact that I have not yet been to Paris) can calm the effects of any blogging blunder.
  • Know when to walk away from the computer.
  • Downloading and activating plugins seem to do great things for my blog’s appearance, even though I’m still not entirely sure what plugins are.
  • The question mark icons beside my epanel admin options – wait for it – explain what these options do. Profound!
  • In times of extreme frustration, I wrote imaginary letters to Past Maria. For example: Dear University-aged Maria, I know you don’t know what “coding” means yet, but do Future Maria a favour and take a useful course, like computer science or web design, to learn how to code! Personality Theory and Psychology of Law just aren’t practical girl! Sincerely, Your Future
  • In times of anal retentiveness, I resorted to self talk: “Let the little things freaking go already! Perfectionism sucks! We’ve been over this.
  • Elegant Themes is the best $41.93 that I’ve invested into my blog thus far. Their support team is amazing! If they didn’t need to start their own happiness experiments before, they may have reason to after all of the tickets I’ve opened in the past three weeks. To the first viewers of my blog, thank you so much!
  • All-nighters aren’t just for university students. Note: In your twenties, your eyes (or maybe just one, as in my case) will go bloodshot and you will look like a vampire. (I didn’t know either.)

          In summary, my first three weeks in the blogosphere, although aggravating at times, have been filled with endless feelings of accomplishment, as I learned how to do anything from set a background to layout a webpage to launch a whole entire blog! To illustrate how far I’ve come, I can now understand and execute instructions like, “Login via FTP to move featured.php to your child theme and then make the code changes in it.” Have no idea what this means? Three weeks ago, neither did I. Now I can do it! I’ve clearly earned a million independence points for figuring this all out for myself! (P.S. Thanks Google! How did the world ever learn how to do anything without you?)

Happiness Tip: Do something that you thought you couldn’t.

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