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          As you can tell by my blog, I no longer have a filter. I’ve become very personally acquainted with the internet, which now features my previously private life exposed. Unlike my blog, an online dating profile is not the place for over-sharing. I needed expert advice. When my super awesome, former-online-dating friend suggested that we create my profile together, I was ecstatically grateful.

          This pretty lady has become my most enthusiastic dating cheerleader. Her story is the prominent reason behind my decision to go the online dating route. After a few years of being single following the end of a long term relationship, she signed up for Match when her friend suggested that she try it. She married the first guy that she winked at. (No pressure!) I haven’t met her husband yet, because he’s often travelling with the team he’s coaching for next winter’s Olympics (Do you want to go back and reread that? Why, yes, he is an Olympic coach.), but I hear from friends that he’s an amazing guy. He has a Wikipedia page. Just sayin’! This girl did good!

          Before meeting my friend at Starbucks last night, I wanted to ensure that I had a base to work with. I’d be signing up for both OKCupid and Match. I did a quick Google search for some guidelines on how to create a standout profile to help me draw the line between personal and too personal, which was fabulously helpful! I used this guide to type out what I had planned to write in my OKCupid profile. Then, my friend and I used my OKCupid responses as the basis for my Match profile.

          My friend, now my designated dating coach, reviewed and tweaked what I had written. I wanted her honest opinion to help me ensure that my profile was a true-to-life representation of me. When we were done editing, she confirmed that my profile accurately reflected my personality. She noted that by reading my profile, she could tell that I’m confident, I know what I want, and that I love food and cultural experiences. Sounds like me to me. Aside from one good photo (but not my best, as to avoid setting the bar too high) for my main display, I chose to feature pictures in which I look like I do in my everyday life, outside of work. I want to set realistic expectations. My friend gave my main display and the four other photos I chose the go ahead. I was ready to enter the online dating world.

          There’s no doubt that there’s been a significant increase in my dating potential since. Let’s take a look at the honest stats:

Dating Approach




 Wait for Prince Charming to
 appear as if by magic
 Last 6 weeks since I’ve
 decided to make finding a
 boyfriend a priority
 0 boyfriend prospects
 5 approaches
 My pride
 OKCupid  Last 24 hours  11 messages received  Free
 Match  Last 24 hours  7 winks received
 12 interest notifications
 4 messages received
 1 add to favourites
 $80.96 USD for a 3-month

Online dating is the clear winner in terms of the potential it offers.

Happiness Tip: Take action!

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