The Social Calendar

Jul 4, 2013 by

          On my way home from work today, I could feel a familiar pressure building in my chest: anxiety. I was stressed about my social life. I smiled in satisfaction. I’ve been so busy that I feel like I’m losing track of plans I’ve made with people. There hasn’t been one night this week that I haven’t gone out, I’m already booked for every Saturday this month, and I’ve received social invites going into September. Could life be more amazing?

          Given that I’m having a hard time remembering everything that I said I’d do – despite my memory typically being incredibly reliable when it comes to other people (not so much when it comes to things I actually should remember, like whatever I spent four years learning in university) – I need to start writing these things down. I don’t like to leave people hanging, so I need a tracking system. Solution: I made a social calendar. I never thought I’d have the luxury of needing one, yet it’s suddenly a necessity. I’m totally rocking this happiness experiment!

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