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Jul 4, 2013 by

          A relationship isn’t just going to fall into my lap (pun!). It’s time to take action to address my lack of love life. I’m not someone who’s okay with sitting back and hoping that what I want will happen. I need to know that I’m working toward my goal. It drives me insane when people say, “It will happen when you stop looking.” I counter that with, “In 23 years, I never started looking, so where’s the relationship that you promised?” Lawyered! I don’t believe that good things happen to those who wait. Good things happen to people who make them happen.

          This summer, I’m going to make a focussed effort on dating. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on a date. (Okay, I can totally remember, but I’m not about to admit the horrifyingly mortifying detail of when it was. My openness has its limits, people.) My non-existent love life is about to get fired up. I have a deadline, remember? I need to get moving! I’m picky. It takes a lot for me to like a guy beyond initial sparks of attraction, so I need to manage my time accordingly. I need options, and sufficient time to get to know those options.

          Enter online dating. I’ve thought about online dating, but originally decided to see how the summer goes offline before trying it. I was scared of the stigma. Whenever I proposed the idea to my friends, it was met by most with a skeptical “Really?” or a judgmental you-don’t-need-to-resort-to-that expression. I’m over other people’s opinions. I want to date and summer is the best time to do it. Summer offers so many cute date options, such as street festivals, outdoor concerts, and the beach! (Guys, let’s talk about the beach. You get to see the girl nearly naked, and she doesn’t have to feel like a slut in what is essentially her bra and underwear. It’s win-win.)

          By online dating, I know I may be giving up the highly coveted aw-worthy how-I-met-my-boyfriend story. I’ve heard some epic meeting tales from couples that would put even The Notebook to shame, most of which didn’t begin with a virtual wink. However, I can’t think of my future boyfriend meeting story relative to other peoples’ stories. I have to think of it relative to my own current story: no story.

          My life is not a Disney movie. According to every fairytale rendition out there, Prince Charming should have bumped into my lips at 16, and poof: happily ever after! I’ll take my chances online. How I meet my boyfriend doesn’t matter. Meeting him online won’t make the relationship itself any less amazing than if I were to meet him while dressed like a princess at a glistening castle ball before the clock strikes midnight. Ef you, Cinderella.

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