What I Wouldn’t do is Abandon my Dream

Jun 26, 2013 by

          I am loving What I Wouldn’t Do by Serena Ryder right now. I’m often listening to it on repeat while reporting at work. It’s so upbeat! I have an issue with it though. I resent the empowering tone of the instrumental (which is awesome) for diverting my attention from its opposing lyrics (which are no longer awesome now that I’ve actually listened to them). The song is essentially about being willing to do anything for someone else. You may be wondering how I didn’t realize this earlier from the song title. Evidently, I got lost in the false I-can-do-anything vibe of the music that veils the true I’ll-give-up-everything-for-you meaning of the words. I’ve been jamming out to the tune of interpersonal dependence! Not cool people! That’s the opposite of everything that I stand for. (Note: I still listen to the song anyway, but I now do so with a distinct air of irritation.)

          Even more annoying is that it makes me want to bite the tongue of Two-Months-Ago Maria, who, it kills me to admit, had foolishly thought that she would consider postponing her dream trip to Europe if she met the right guy. This is mainly because she had just read an opinion that it’s stupid to give up the love of your life for a few more years of freedom, whether that meant random hookups (which it doesn’t for me) or travelling the world (ding, ding, ding!). I hadn’t previously considered the idea that my travel aspirations and desire for a relationship could be competing goals. For the record, I don’t think that they are, but Two-Months-Ago Maria had recently been tic-tacked into thinking that they could be. Thank God I got over that stupidity quickly. There is no way in hell this chick would put off Europe for a guy – or anyone, for that matter. Choosing my dream is not the equivalent of throwing away a future relationship. If a guy really is the “love of my life,” he will still be the love of my life when I get back. (I don’t like the term, “love of my life,” by the way. While it’s a romantic concept, I don’t think it’s realistic. People change and so does the company that they like to keep. I’m not too sure that I believe we only get one love of our lives, but I’m trying to make a point.) Alternatively, if he wants to come along for the European ride, all the power to him. (This girl is not about to turn down a hot kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower.) The point is that I’m going.

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