Soothing Italian Sounds

Jun 16, 2013 by

          Yesterday, I was in an I’m-going-to-be-single-forever mood. Feeling the oncoming desire to confine myself within my apartment all night, I forced myself downtown to College St for Taste of Little Italy. I had forgotten how much I love being Italian (well, of Italian descent). It’s a food-centered culture with a beautiful language spoken by gorgeous people. (Note to guys: Speaking Italian makes you automatically hot. Use it to your advantage.)

          While walking through the street, I ordered myself to let go of the residual mood effects of King W and my single existence, attempting to force myself to embody happiness. “Just be happy,” I repeated to myself aloud in a frustrated tone as I literally shook my hands away from my body, expecting the outward motion to somehow disperse the feeling of discouragement sinking my spirit. It didn’t work.

          While squeezing through the crowd, my attention was unexpectedly diverted. The stunning sound of a slow Volare Cantare vibrated in my ear. I stopped dead, mesmerized by the perfect accent of a young boy charming the crowd with a fluid string of Italian words. Just like that, my irritable mood was gone. Volare Cantare is one of my favourite Italian songs, and this rendition was melting everything away, throwing me back into the relaxing state that defines Italian frame of mind. I stood still, letting the rolled r’s and elegant vowels consume me. I felt myself sway to the words that effortlessly folded into one another, my lips curving upward into the soft smile. In that moment on the street, with an Italian mantra warming my heart, my world repaired itself with a song.

Happiness Tip: Piano, piano.

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