My Sister Joins the Boyfriend Search Party

Jun 16, 2013 by

          While at Taste of Little Italy, I bumped into one of my sisters and her boyfriend. Not having seen this particular sister in a while, I ran to hug her from behind. Of course, we began chatting in the street, holding up their friends’ ice cream venture. Unfortunately for the hungry, ice cream took second priority to me informing my sister that I am in the market for a boyfriend.

          “Finally! Tree, we were just talking about this a few months ago. We know a guy who would be perfect for you! We just didn’t think you were interested in having a boyfriend,” she told me.

          “It’s obvious just from the way the two of you take care of your cars,” her boyfriend confirmed. “He cleans his car the same way you clean yours!”


          “Yeah, Tree, you need someone who understands that, once you’ve cleaned your car, he better take his shoes off before getting inside!” my sister joked the truth. I laughed at how well she knows me. “He’s also good with money and likes to travel,” she said.

          Check! Check!

          “Really?!” I jumped in excitement (happy jump is something that I do now). “I definitely need someone who likes to travel! Is he cute?”

          “He looks very Portuguese,” her boyfriend told me.

          European! Check!

          “I can do Portuguese!” I said ecstatically.

          “He lives in North York, so you’d have your space from him, which I know you need. He’s like you; he likes his independence,” my sister said.


          “Good! That’s what I want. Hook me up!” I over-excitedly exclaimed.

          Volare Cantare and a potential setup? Taste of Little Italy is awesome! It’s about time that there may be a legitimate guy prospect as a result of telling people that I’m looking for a boyfriend. Fingers crossed that my sister and her boyfriend come through as my little matchmakers!

          Going back to the part where my sister said that she didn’t think I would be interested in a relationship, I’ve realized that she isn’t the first person to respond this way to my I’m-looking-for-a-boyfriend announcements. A few people have been somewhat surprised when I’ve told them. Apparently, I don’t come off as the type of girl who wants a boyfriend. When I’ve asked for feedback on what it is about me that projects that image, the unanimous answer has been my independence. I take this as a huge compliment! I’m unbelievably proud to be viewed as independent. However, let’s be clear: I’m independent and looking for a relationship. Let’s not let the prior hinder the latter. On that note, darling readers, remember to keep me in mind the next time you come across a Toronto-area guy between the ages of 24 and 28 who’s funny, sociable, and gorgeous!

Happiness Tip: Be vocal about what you want.

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