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Jun 11, 2013 by

          Today, I was chatting with the woman who sits behind my desk at work, not knowing that I was five minutes away from being blown away by inspiration. When I asked her about her travel plans during her upcoming leave of absence, she told me that she’ll be spending a month in South America, where she’ll be exploring the rainforest! I was instantly entranced by every word that poured from her mouth. One of the perks of working in the travel industry is that I get to listen to people’s travel stories on a daily basis. Their retellings of anything from sublime all-inclusive resorts to exotic adventures abroad make me both stir crazy and motivated to stay grounded in financial pursuit of my own venture across the world.

          As she told me about the culture she is soon to be immersed in, I asked her who she’s going with. She told me that she’s going by herself. My mouth dropped in amazement. This woman is about to trek through the rainforest alone. “Good for you!” I managed through my utter astonishment. I told her that, until a few months ago, the idea of solo travel horrified me; but now, I think it would be an incredible experience. She confirmed that it is, and that she’s met a lot of people during her solo travels. She enjoys travelling alone so much that she’s taken a solo trip every year since she was 19. Cue my beyond-impressed facial expression! I was stunned at this girl’s independence, and I told her so. “Girl, we have to be independent in this world, especially as women,” she responded. Well said!

Happiness Tip: Uncover other people’s stories.

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