Confession of a Non-Shopaholic

Jun 8, 2013 by

          I impulse bought a new outfit today – if you can call putting the outfit on hold to think about it, walking around the mall for two hours to avoid it, sitting down with my best friend to have an emergency to-buy-it or not-to-buy-it discussion, and trying it on one more time to be sure of my decision before swiping my card “impulsive.” The resulting damage was $77.63 spent on a grey pencil skirt; a sheer, sleeveless, cream blouse with gold buttons and a lace pattern over the chest; and a cream bandeau. Technically, this money should have been deducted from my spending budget, putting it into overdraft. Fortunately, I have a little bit of unallocated buffer money this month, as I just paid off my car insurance premium yesterday and don’t begin my Europe saving plan until July. However, I still feel guilty, like I do whenever I spend money. Since I haven’t decided what to do with the small amount of buffer money that I have this month, I don’t know what I gave up by buying these clothes yet. That makes me a bit nervous; but, I’m choosing to view this as an experiment in being less frugal and thereby more happy. Plus, I’m using two valid points to justify my purchase.

          Firstly, other than the bra I bought last month (which hardly counts as an outfit), I haven’t bought a single new item of clothing since May 2012, using a gift card that I had been given for my birthday the year prior. I just don’t highly value clothes. I’d rather put my money toward travel. Thus, I’ve decided not to beat myself up about giving in to buying my new outfit, having not bought new clothes in over a year.

          Secondly, I’m framing this purchase – thanks to Olivia – as an investment in getting a boyfriend. (Radical feminists are throwing virtual stones at me right now, I’m sure.) It helps make buying these clothes seem more in line with my goals. As I mentioned in a recent post, I am trying to be more conscious of how I present myself to guys. This includes being cautious of the way that I dress when I go out. Don’t get me wrong, I think every girl is entitled to dress as she pleases, baring as little or as much skin as she feels comfortable showing. Having said that, I also think guys are entitled to their opinions about girls based on what they see. I don’t feel that I dress in a – for lack of a better term – slutty fashion to begin with, but I will go out in a short dress every once in a while. This can sometimes attract the wrong kind of attention, turning me into backseat material.

          Quite the opposite, the outfit that I bought today is the perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated. It makes me look classy. It makes me feel confident. It projects the image of me that I want guys to see – an image that attracts people who meet my standards. Simply said, it makes me look like girlfriend material. That is $77.63 well spent.

Happiness Tip: Buy clothes that make you feel good by projecting the image that you want to embody.

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