California Dreaming

Jun 5, 2013 by

          My friend picked me up from work for lunch today in her new BMW Z4. It’s $26,000 worth of beautiful! I don’t even care for fancy cars, but the site of this one made me melt. I nearly died thinking about the price, an anxious feeling that was easily offset by both the wind in my hair and the internal reminder that I was riding in this beauty without paying a penny. My friend’s justification for her impulsive buy is that she’s 26 years old and she owns a home, so this car is her toy. Good for her!

          Even better for me! Today, I got to do something that I’ve always wanted to experience: riding into the sunshine in a convertible! Yes, despite today’s chilly weather, I begged and successfully convinced my friend to take the top down. I was ecstatic when she finally agreed! For the two minutes between where we went for lunch and my office, I felt like I was on my way to Cali. This short faux road trip in a real life convertible made my day! It’s the simple things in life . . .

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