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          I walked out of Chapters and into the darkness that I hadn’t noticed had fallen. I practically skipped home through lawn sprinklers in ridiculous giddiness, as if I had just met the love of my life. Of course, the evening began with a movie-like moment from across the bookshelves. I was entranced – head over heels, one might say. By an accident of fate, I had spotted the book I didn’t know I was looking for. I was immediately charmed by the title, Love with a Chance of Drowning, and the synopsis had me instantly collapsed in a nearby chair, unable to divert my eyes from the pages. What can I say? I’m book easy.

          Love with a Chance of Drowning is Torre DeRoche’s telling of her real life love, Ivan, and their travels around the world together. A book about both world travel and a passionate relationship? There could not be a more perfect read out there for me right now.

          Torre and Ivan’s story begins in a San Francisco bar. Yes, a bar, of all places! It then hastily progresses to his bed. Yes, apparently, sex on the first non-date can lead to love! (Okay, I’m grasping at straws, hoping to justify a revoke of my stupidly annoying one-kiss-on-a-first-date-only rule that I created for myself the other day. Unfortunately, my life is neither Love with a Chance of Drowning nor Grey’s Anatomy, so the rule stays. I have to give it a chance by putting it into practice before I get to X it.)

          Torre, an Australian visiting San Francisco for a year, is dead set on going home in seven months, as per her pre-Ivan plan. Ivan intends to sail around the world, embarking around the same time that Torre is scheduled to return to Melbourne. Their thing is supposed to be no more than a fling, but the relationship moves quickly. Two months into dating, Ivan tells Torre’s friends that she’ll be coming with him on his round the world adventure, knowing full well that her biggest fear is the ocean and that she did not agreed to it. She is pissed! (I am wishing I am her.) She’ll obviously end up going though.

          This is the point where I had to close the book and go home. I was grinning like a fool and feeling butterflies in my stomach the entire time that I read, hopelessly reminding myself that I am not Torre and to get it together. This book was kill. ing. me. A travelling love affair filled with intense romance? Sign me up! This must be the female equivalent of what porn is to guys. I totally get it.

Happiness Tip: Fall in love with a love story.

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