Forgoing Travel Now to Travel Longer Later

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          My travel bug is back! Not that it ever truly leaves, but I had been doing fairly well at keeping my obsessive urges to impulsively jump on planes at bay. I’ve been busy living my life, which has kept me happily distracted from my current lack of travel. Life is good where I am and my hatred of Toronto is slowly diminishing. As much as I love to travel, it’s nice not to need a bus or plane ticket to revive my will to live. For the last month or so, I’ve been okay with the fact that, at this time, I don’t know when or where my next international adventure will be. That is, until now that I hear Europe and NYC calling me!

          Truthfully, I haven’t been completely travel-daydream sober for a whole month. I began to itch for Italy about two weeks ago, when I went to Terroni. Looking at my pictures from Rome did not help my case. (Why do I do that to myself?) On top of that, last week, I was chatting with one of my coworkers, who is leaving for Rome next Monday. She’s never been, so I recommended some of my favourite places. Naturally, I ended up on a Rome high. Making matters worse, I silently recited to myself for the millionth time in the past two weeks that this time last year and the year before, I had summer vacations booked for Europe. Oh yes, I opened that can of worms – repeatedly.

          I tried to reassure myself again that I am choosing not to go to Europe this summer. Although I could go this year, the cost would put a big dent in my savings toward an extended European adventure. I’ve decided that I would rather save longer to stay longer. This makes me feel better, because I feel like I’m in control of the situation by knowing that it’s not that I can’t go to Europe this summer. Rather, it’s that I am forgoing a couple of weeks in Europe this summer for more time in Europe at a later date. Please note that this does not mean I do not reserve the right to want to go. I will never stop wanting to go.

          As if thoughts of Roman escapades weren’t enough, on Thursday night, NYC took a turn on the drive-Maria-insane-over-travel train. As previously mentioned, I went to Gusto. I like their rooftop because it reminds me of NYC with its nearly touching tables and social vibe. I love NYC! I went for the first time in October 2011, expecting to like it, but not to love it the way that I do. I was blown out of this world by its addictive liveliness. From October 2011 to November 2012, I visited NYC five times, three of which were for a day. (Border officials never believe me when I tell them that I’m going to NYC for the day just because I love the city. I actually got held up when I tried to explain that I was going to sample food trucks while there one day last August.) It has now been six months since I’ve ventured to the place that I consider my second home. I was cool with it for a while. However, couple Gusto with my Europe bug, and I’m now dying to see my city.

          Above all, this past weekend really tested my will power. One of the girls that I was talking to at Saturday night’s patio party is going to Europe at the end of the summer. She asked if I wanted to go with her! (Independence leads to amazing things peeps!) She was 100 percent serious. I work in the travel industry, so I’m surrounded by people who love to travel and actually follow through with it. Unlike most people, when my coworkers talk about going somewhere and invite someone along, they are serious.

          By the way, please don’t ever toy with travel lovers. It hurts our hearts. Take it from me, who’s open to travelling with almost anyone who doesn’t seem like a serial killer at first glance, we will travel the world with you if you will. I hardly have to know a person to hit the road, hop a train, or get on a plane with them; although, I’ve never had the opportunity to prove it. To my frustration, most people are not serious when they say they want to go somewhere. Travel creates amazing bonds, so my philosophy is that if I don’t know someone pre-trip, I’ll know them post-trip. If my bank account can handle it, I am so down to see the world with almost whoever wants to come with me! I am not joking when I tell someone that I will go somewhere with them. The trouble is that other people usually are. These people are the worst kinds of teases! My coworkers are not these people.

          I felt like I was wrenching out my own heart when I had to decline this girl’s Europe invite, explaining that I would absolutely love to go, but I’m saving for an extended European trip at a later time. Sharing the same money philosophies as me (i.e. if you don’t have the money in the bank, don’t spend it and if you want something, save for it), she completely understood. No Europe for me this summer. I’ll live. Life is a series of ongoing tradeoffs: giving up some things for other things that you want more. I am happy to trade a couple weeks of affogato by my fountain in Piazza della Repubblica for my dream.

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