I’m Officially a Pine Nut!

Jun 2, 2013 by

          Olivia has been crushing on Chris Pine since she saw Star Trek Into Darkness earlier this week. On Friday, I found out that I’ve unknowingly been crushing on Chris Pine too! She was going on about his striking blue eyes (for good reason), insisting that I Google him. “Chris Pine” has yielded by far the best search results of any other words I’ve Googled this week. He’s gorgeous. After swooning over his photos, Olivia and I proceeded to watch this clip of him on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:



          He’s sexy and cute! (Don’t you love when a guy is both?) He cried while watching Up and intelligence is the top thing that he’s looking for in woman. He is a relationship-ready guy. This is exactly the kind of guy I’m looking for friends!

          Given that Olivia had virtually introduced me to such a beautiful man, I was obligated to return the favour. My sister recently pointed out to me that FDR, a character in This Means War, is my type of guy. He totally is: funny, good looking, and confident. I showed Olivia this trailer:



          “Isn’t he gorgeous?” I asked, still astonished by FDR’s face on the screen.

          “Maria, FDR is Chris Pine!” she pointed out, laughing at my usual ignorance about celebrities.

          “What? Really?” I grabbed the laptop to take a closer look at the credits. “You’re right! I knew Chris Pine was my type when we watched the Ellen clip. This confirms it: I’m a Pine nut.”

          In case anyone was confused by the standards I previously laid out for the kind of guy that I’m looking for, please use Chris Pine as a guide. I will also take guys like Bradley Cooper circa The Hangover (still the funniest movie I’ve ever seen in my life) and Ryan Gosling circa Crazy, Stupid, Love. Yeah, I dream big.

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