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Jun 2, 2013 by

          I entered Starbucks late this afternoon with the intent to write. Not surprised to find that there were no empty seats, I detoured into the neighbouring Chapters and wandered over to the Travel Literature section. I smiled upon spotting The Lost Girls by Jennifer Baggett, Holly C. Corbett, and Amanda Pressner, and breathed in deeply as I prepared myself to pick it up for what I knew would be the last time. (Yes, I’m being dramatic. I can obviously reread it. Go with it. It was an emotional moment.)

          The Lost Girls is a travel memoir written by three inspiring New Yorkers who left their beloved city to travel the world for a year. At 28 years old, they said goodbye to their fears, their careers, and – in the cases of two of them – even their boyfriends in hopes of becoming “unlost.” At the end of their journey, just as lost as they were when they embarked on their first flight, they realized that their adventure was not so much about finding themselves as it was about having the courage to put their dreams first.

          I began reading The Lost Girls in early March. It was my way out of my life. I lived vicariously through these ladies, travelling to their dream destinations with them through their writing. While reading, I got to know these women as well as if they were my own friends. At my personal rock bottom and as alone as I’ve ever been, I never felt lonely while reading this book. I highly recommend it for all travel dreamers.


To Jen, Hol, and Amanda,
          Thank you for being the friends I turned to during a time when I had no one. Thank you for teaching me that fear should never drive my decisions. Most importantly, thank you for unknowingly being the encouragement that I needed to choose the path to my dream above all else.
Your fellow Lost Girl,



Happiness Tip: Get lost in a book. Befriend its characters. You will no longer be all by yourself.

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