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Jun 2, 2013 by

          At work on Friday, something magical happened. Someone, in addition to my little sister, took my boyfriend search seriously!

          “Theresa, what about that guy?” my friend asked.

          “What guy?” I wondered as I looked up.

          “The one that just passed your desk,” she said in disbelief at my typical lack of awareness of my surroundings.

          “What about him?” I questioned.

          “He’s cute!” she exclaimed.

          “Really? Wow, I didn’t even notice anyone walk by. Thank you so much for taking me seriously though! Most people think I’m kidding. You’re so sweet! Keep looking out for me!” I said in excitement.

          She laughed and rolled her eyes, “Theresa, open your eyes!

          I’m sure there’s some significant lesson to be learned from her response. For now, I can take comfort in the fact that announcing my eligibility to people I know is in fact an action toward entering the dating scene.

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