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          It’s amazing how a social life evolves. You go out with some acquaintances, who become friends. You meet their friends, who become your friends. Voila! You have friends. People who have active social lives likely don’t find this realization as enlightening as I do; however, as someone who only had one friend until recently, I find this astounding. Before any friendless people retort what past me would have, “The problem is that I don’t have friends to make friends through,” keep reading. Any new friends I’ve made were not met through the one and only friend that I had. I either know my new friends from work or through people from work. I essentially started from scratch.

          To exemplify the friends through friends process, I had another birthday to go to yesterday! Yes, I went from no birthday invites in years to two in the span of one month! My happiness experiment is the best! A friend of my friend who celebrated her birthday in Niagara rang in 28 at a club down the street from my apartment last night. It was so nice to see her. She’s super sweet, and she was the coolest pre-drinking buddy in Niagara. Anyone who wants to join me in saving money by not buying $7+ drinks at clubs in favour of downing a bottle of anything from the LCBO is welcome in my social circle.

          Given that the club we went to is minutes from where I live, I took the chance to drink. I am typically a designated driver, so such opportunities are not to be missed. In retrospect, Bacardi and wine (I work with what I’ve got) on a Wednesday night was not the smartest idea I’ve ever had. I’m a little bit completely mortified by my drunkenness, but I’d rather be the occasional hot mess than perfectly antisocial.

          Getting back on topic, if you are currently without friends, please know that having friends is not hopeless. I know from experience that it feels that way, but you probably have resources to make friends that you don’t realize you have. Work is a fabulous place to start! All you need to do is be friendly. You can start with small steps like smiling at your coworkers, saying good morning, and asking about people’s weekends and being genuinely interested in their answers. As if by magic (or so it felt to me), you will build relationships. You can do this with people in other places that you frequent as well, such as school or your favourite go-to restaurant. From a girl who experienced symptoms of what she’s sure was undiagnosed social anxiety, you can make friends and create a social life for yourself.

Happiness Tip: Befriend your acquaintances, and then make more friends through your new friends!

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