Happy Half Birthday to Me!

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05.27.2013 - Happy Half Birthday to Me!          While enjoying the patio vibe last Monday night, I dreamily wished aloud that I had a summer birthday. Summer birthdays have so much potential. There are so many celebratory options (like patios!). I, a winter birthday girl (okay, a fall birthday girl, but fall is really just the rapid decline into frigidness), can’t celebrate my birthday outside without wanting to die a thousand deaths from the cold. I don’t do cold. Walking through snow makes me cry (this is not a joke). Every winter, I wonder how I’ll survive. I curse Mother Nature. I wear my winter jacket indoors. I prolong sleep to avoid my ice cold bed. Basically, I whine about my body temperature from October to April.

          Following my I-hate-winter-and-the-fact-that-my-birthday-falls-within-it rant, it was suggested that I simply celebrate my birthday in the summer. What a fabulous idea! I then realized that my half birthday was a week away, a.k.a. today! I am officially 23 and a half. Crazy! Of all the months to host my half birthday, I am honoured that that month is May, the best month of the year. At 23, I would have thought celebrating my half birthday to be dumb. All the wiser at 23 and a half, I consider it a revolutionary must-do. I decided to commemorate my half birthday summer-style, so I texted my little sister this morning. Our conversation went like this:

          Me: “Hey babe! Are you free tonight?”

          My sister: “It depends, what time?”

          Me: “After I’m done work, so around 6:30 or anytime after that.”

          My sister: “Yep, I’m free then!”

          Me: “Yay! Okay, I’ll come after work. I’m obviously going to raid the fridge when I get there, and then you and I are going to do up my half birthday! Lol”

          My sister: “What do you mean half birthday?”

          Me: “I’m 23 and a half today. My winter b-day sucks, so we’re celebrating my summer half b-day!”

          My sister: “LMFAAOO”

          She was most definitely down. Luckily, today was warm and sunny. You may think that’s a given, as it is May 27. I used to think so too, but I was just in my winter jacket two days ago. However, today’s 21 degrees ensured that we would absolutely be celebrating outside. Mother Nature has finally come through for me, so I needed something summery to do. I thought of the perfect thing: funnel cake! I probably haven’t had a funnel cake since elementary school. They are oh-so-summer, only to be enjoyed outdoors on evenings when the sun doesn’t set until after 9 pm. November is certainly not funnel cake season.

          To Dairy Cream we went! I’ve been meaning to try this place since 2010. It’s located on Mississauga’s lakeshore, and it’s hailed as a neighbourhood gem. My sister and I sat at one of the picnic tables outside, splitting a funnel cake topped with chocolate and vanilla twist ice cream, peanut butter sauce, marshmallow fudge sauce, and whipped cream. Having come prepared, I pulled two candles and a lighter out of my purse to make my half birthday wish atop a funnel cake, the latest trend in Maria birthday cakes. (I just realized that I totally forgot to actually wish. Oh well, call me a cynic, but I don’t believe in wishes. I believe in making things happen.) The girl beside us found my half birthday celebration highly entertaining, laughing at my, “Oh, this is so happening,” following my sister’s, “Candles? Are you serious?” To my sister’s embarrassment, I encouraged our picnic table neighbour to celebrate her half birthday too! In case you’re wondering, summer birthdays taste like winter birthdays never could.

          If you resent your birthday month for its limitations, celebrate your half birthday! I guarantee it will be the exact opposite of your regular one! Bonus: Your age technically remains the same! That’s right; you can celebrate your birthday without the getting older part. Don’t like your half birthday month either? Pick a month that you do like and do it up! Go skating in December for your birthday, even if you were born in August. Drink beer on the beach in July. Who cares if your whole birthday is in rainy April? Better yet, celebrate for no reason at all! I’m sure you’re awesome!

Happiness Tip: Find/fabricate reasons to celebrate!

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