The Show Comes to a Close

May 25, 2013 by

“Your masquerade. I don’t wanna to be a part of your parade.”

Hero, Family of the Year


          I’ve talked about how I wear different masks for different audiences, adjusting myself to others’ expectations. This behaviour is a result of caring way too much about what people think. While I still tailor my communication style based on who I’m speaking to (that’s just effective interpersonal skill), I’m happy to report that my multiple masks are slowly coming off. I’ve noticed more consistency in my personality from person to person and across different environments. Work me is becoming a lot more like home me, which is becoming a lot more like family me, and so on. There are still limits. For example, work me cannot be just like bar me. Admittedly, my masks can be found in the closet of my mind for safe keeping and occasional usage. I’m not completely comfortable letting go of them yet. However, I am just about done with Past Maria’s mentally exhausting charades. I’m ready for people to know me as I am – whoever that is. If some people don’t like me, that’s cool. No one is liked by everyone.

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