Self-motivated Happiness

May 25, 2013 by

          Happiness is a choice. Don’t you hate when people like me say that? I do too, because it’s true but erroneously implies that people are unhappy by choice. Although I now agree that happiness is a choice (because I chose it and voila!), unhappiness is not chosen. Consistent unhappiness is crippling. Getting yourself out of that is something to be proud of. Being stuck in it, however, should not be thought of as anyone’s fault.

          Truly empathizing with any unhappy people who may be reading this, I am now of the opinion that happiness can be chosen, but requires self-motivation. It took me a long time to reach a point where I wanted to be happy for me; not for my best friend, not for some future boyfriend I hoped to have, and not for the purpose of showing up people that I used to know. I simply wanted to feel like my life was worth living. Once I knew that I personally wanted happiness, I had the mindset to choose my happiness experiment over my bed, the floor, or anywhere else that a person can torture themselves in self-hatred.

Happiness Tip: Choose happiness.

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