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May 18, 2013 by

          I passed out right after work yesterday, waking up for a couple of hours before going back to bed until the morning. As itchy as I was to go out and get this long weekend started, I was exhausted from the week – in a good way. I wasn’t burnt out from work. I was tired because I went out every night from Monday to Thursday, going to bed at 1 am four weeknights in a row. Here’s a quick recap: Monday, I went downtown to watch the end of the Leafs game outside of the ACC and then chilled at Real Sports after they lost; Tuesday, I went to see The Great Gatsby with my dad and sister (I love anything 1920s, my sister and I love Leonardo DiCaprio movies, and I would recommend anything that illustrates that even people who have enough money to absentmindedly throw unopened wine bottles into pools can be deeply unhappy.); Wednesday, I went to The Killers concert; and Thursday, I went back to the patio of the nearby restaurant I used to work at. I had a fabulous week! By Friday, my body was in need of a recovery plan: sleep.

          I’ve begun to erase the boundaries between weeknights and weekends. I’ve put less emphasis on trying to survive the week to get to the weekend by teaching myself that weeknights have a tonne of untapped potential. Happiness isn’t just for Fridays and Saturdays friends!

Happiness Tip: Blur the lines separating weeknights from weekends. Any day of the week can be fun!

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