Smile Like You Mean It

May 15, 2013 by

          I saw The Killers tonight! It was an awesome concert! I danced the whole time, and it was invigorating. Their music is fabulously energizing, making me feel really good!

          My favourite part about tonight was that it was completely random. I had no idea when I woke up this morning that I would be killing it at the ACC with The Killers themselves. Tonight’s plan was originally to clean my apartment. How exciting.

          Last week, I was driving with Olivia, listening to Mr. Brightside, when I mentioned that I would totally see The Killers the next time they come to Toronto. Aside from taking my little sister to concerts (She and I sat twelfth row centre for Selena Gomez in October 2011 and front row with meet and greet for J Biebs in December 2012. Yeah, I racked up a lot of older sister cool points as a result of those tickets, just sayin’!), I haven’t been to a concert for band that I like since I was 11 (NSYNC! Thanks Dad!), so it’s a big deal for me to throw that out there. Although I only knew a handful of their songs before tonight, I’ve actually wanted to see The Killers in concert since my second year of university. Considering that I had a blast at the Selena Gomez and J Biebs concerts with my sister in recent years (I admit it), I wanted to see The Killers even more now. If I had fun at two teeny bopper concerts, of course I would love the vibe of a concert with music I personally enjoy! (Okay, okay, I like Selena Gomez’s music. What is this, the third degree?)

          A few days later, I heard on the radio that The Killers would be coming to Toronto. Perfect timing! The Killers are clearly psychic. I had been meaning to look up the ticket sale date for days, but I’ve been insanely busy. Thankfully, this morning, I finally did, finding out that they would be performing tonight! Their show had been rescheduled from December. (Life is falling perfectly into place for me lately. I was unemployed by choice in December. I wouldn’t have had a shot in hell of seeing them then. Today, I had the financial means to do so. It’s like they knew!) It was obviously meant to be! Olivia was down to see them too, so we bought tickets and headed downtown after work. Yes, I, the girl who almost never makes impulse purchases, impulsively purchased same-day tickets to see The Killers! Life can be so good if you let it! I went from mentally preparing myself to clean tonight to reminding myself to practice professionalism at work despite my bursting excitement.

          I just got home from the concert. It already feels like an incredible dream. I can’t believe I did that! I can’t believe that, last week, I was thinking aloud about going to see The Killers, and I already made it happen.

          By the way, I’m completely obsessed with Smile Like You Mean It. My favourite line of the song is, “Change your ways while you’re young.” That is a significant message that I think I’ve begun to understand the importance of in the last couple of months.

          On a side note, the lead singer is so charming! I was melted by his every word. The lyrics of each song, undoubtedly about the love of his life, only added to his appeal. Despite not being 100 percent sure what he looks like (we were on the balcony), he’s so cute! I am definitely crushing.

Happiness Tip: Be impulsive.

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