Go Leafs Go!

May 13, 2013 by

          Monday does not have to be boring. At the gym this morning, I heard on the radio that the Toronto Maple Leafs played at home last night. Their win resulted in a massive party outside of the Air Canada Centre (ACC). Game 7 would be tonight: Leafs versus Bruins in Boston. I knew that if the Leafs won, Toronto would be in for one hell of a street party.

          I do not follow hockey, but I was so down for running through crowded streets, jumping and cheering in celebration of a sports win for a game that I don’t fully understand. Trying new things has made me happy so far. Why not keep experimenting? I asked Olivia if she would go downtown with me to catch the end of the game. After getting over her shock that I knew the status of the Leafs progress in the playoffs, she excitedly agreed.

          By the time we parked downtown, it was late. There were only minutes left in the game. The radio had told us that the Leafs were up 4 – 2. My excitement to contribute to an explosion of cheers when the Leafs won was rising. I was already making plans in my head to come downtown for Game 8. (There is no Game 8.) In the little time it took us to run from our parking spot to the big screen, Boston had tied Toronto with seconds left in the game. Sorry Toronto, but what a comeback!

          Torontonians, Olivia and I included, waited impatiently for the start of overtime play. I’ve never felt more Canadian, energetically shouting, “Go Leafs go!” amongst drunken Leafs fans in front of the CN Tower, wearing my winter jacket (May is going through a cold spell at the moment). The game was back on! The stickiness of the beer-soaked pavement kept my feet planted to the ground as I awaited a sudden death for Boston that never came. The Bruins scored! I felt Toronto die a little.

          I had an amazing time regardless! (This is most likely due to the fact that I’m not a fan of hockey. I empathize with those who are though. If this were Italy’s national soccer team losing in the quarter finals, I probably would have cried, judging by my reaction to past Italy loses.) I realized that I can easily get into something unexpected (in this case, hockey) by being in the midst of passionate people. I fed off the electrifying energy of the crowd (before the loss). It was a lively Monday night! I love proving to myself that weeknights can be just as exciting as weekends.

Happiness Tip: Reclaim Monday! It’s all yours to make what you want of it, just like every other day of the week.

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