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May 11, 2013 by

          Apartment dance parties are awesome! Last night, while waiting for my friend to pick me up, I had one all by myself. For an hour on repeat, I rocked out to a song that I’m currently in love with. You should try it! It is so much fun! I left my apartment with an energetic pep in my step, because I already had an amazing start to my night before even leaving home. I used to be terrified of alone time, but I’m beginning to really enjoy my own company. Solo dance parties have been a contributor to this new outlook. Need a kickass song to get started? Try the one that I’m sure my entire floor appreciated yesterday: San Francisco by The Mowgli’s. Here’s a preview (think upbeat tune): “I lost my head in San Francisco, waiting for the fog to roll out, but I found it in a rain cloud; it was smiling down!” This song is the embodiment of the idea that happiness can come out of crappy situations. It’s such a feel-good song! Let it host your solo dance party. I promise that you’ll feel on top of the world! (Disclaimer: Like me, you may also feel like hopping the next plane to San Fran with the hope of finding the love of your life!)

Happiness Tip: Have a solo dance party!

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