Summer, Summer, Summertime!

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          Summer is in full force! It was so hot outside yesterday that I was fanning myself on a patio in a breezy summer dress at the beginning of May. Without a doubt, the long awaited emergence of summer weather has been a huge happiness boost. The rising temperature wasn’t the only thing that made this past weekend a good one though. I went out everyday! FYI: That is a rarity for me, and now it has happened two weekends in a row!

          On Friday night, I went to a barbeque with a few friends from my past work life. We sat outside on the patio, where I listened to their most recent horror stories from their soul-sucking jobs. I basked in pride for getting myself the hell out of their situations, having quit my old job last summer, after four years of killing myself for it. My summers used to consist of endless stress, utter exhaustion, employees calling in sick at the last minute, late night reporting, critical paths, action items, and “911s.” Needless to say, I do not miss it. Yet, listening to their workplace mini-tragedies was kind of nice. A peak into their realities solidified the arrival of my favourite season minus my least favourite past time. It made it truly feel like summer (which is pretty sad, now that I think about it).

          Like Friday, Saturday was gorgeous. I went to my little cousin’s birthday party in the afternoon. I don’t often attend extended family things unless I have to (i.e. holidays and sometimes weddings, depending on who’s getting married), but I thought it would be a good way to get out of the apartment and surround myself with people. It wasn’t so bad. Since my family has finally stopped asking me about school (it only took two years after graduation for them to realize I’m not a student anymore), they’re now interested in my beautiful apartment and my travel adventures, so I get to brag. I am always down to brag about the incredible places I’ve visited. After the birthday party, I drove to the mall with the windows down and the music blaring. I’m not a mall person, but I was in need of a new bra, so to the mall I went!

          Sunday, Olivia and I walked to a nearby patio for lunch. We spent the afternoon eavesdropping on neighbouring tables, listening to girls’ dating woes, which made me very grateful for my personal lack of them. Afterward, I met my mom and little sister at the mall. They were in my area, so they asked me to go shopping with them. One of the many benefits of living in a high-profile building across the street from a popular mall is that people think of me when they shop, prompting them to invite me to join them or pop by my apartment. Again, I’m not a shopper, so I don’t go to the mall for fun. It was just really nice to spend the evening with my mom and my sister.

          The weekend ended with Olivia and I rocking out to Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon on repeat in our living room, classily jumping around in sundresses and singing, “The head while I’m driving, I’m driving!” into makeshift microphones (empty water bottles). It was the ultimate sense of freedom. I used to dance around to this song after I quit my job last year, breathing in the air of escape.

          A key learning (ugh, old workplace language) in happiness that I gained from both this weekend and last weekend is to accept invitations. Most of the things I did over the past two weekends were a result of me agreeing to social invites that I probably would have declined had they come my way a couple months ago. Invitations are not social anxiety bombs (as previously thought by me); they’re opportunities to connect with people. I’m starting to receive them again, I’m forcing myself to actually take advantage of them, and I’m learning to love them.

Happiness Tip: Say yes to social invites!

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