Golden Carriage vs. Pumpkin Ride

Apr 25, 2013 by

          I’m pro-car again. Missing my parents’ house has me thinking about it. Bussing to their house from my apartment when I want to visit them is a pain. Driving is a million times easier. I’ve given myself a deadline of next week to make a decision. If I do go the public transit route, I want to get my monthly pass as close to the beginning of May as possible to make it worth the cost. I predict a lot of pro-car/pro-bus flip-flopping in the meantime.

          As I mentioned before, my biggest concern about not having a car is that I’ll leave my apartment less than I already do. I severely dislike public transit. I don’t like running on the city’s schedule. I don’t like waiting for buses in the cold. I don’t like having time limits on fun nights out because the subway stops running at 1 am. Basically, I don’t like not being able to go where I want to, when I want to. I don’t care if this makes me sound like a princess. I am extremely frugal in all other aspects of my life. Can’t I pretty please just keep my car?

          I torture myself with frugality, living on inflexible budgets that restrict my happiness by not allowing me to spend any money. I mean none. I mean the majority of the crazy, unrealistic budgets that I’ve developed over the years didn’t even have a spending category. The ones that did included it as more of a formality than an actual spending allowance. My “spending” money often went to unexpected expenses that I hadn’t budgeted for (because I was either a poor student or a poor recent grad), like a wedding boosta (damn Italian gift giving expectations) or conditioner (a necessary luxury for broke, naturally curly-haired ladies such as myself). All of this self-inflicted pain has obviously led me nowhere. My finances are in shambles. Until last month, my bank accounts were ghosts of savings past. It begs the question, what’s the point? Is bussing instead of driving another frugal extreme to deprive myself of pleasure now for financial opportunities never to come? Or am I just a princess trying to reason with myself to let me have my car? Well, adorn me with my crown. I’ll own it.

          Reality check: Public transportation, not to be confused with cutting a weekly grocery budget for two people to $10 (successfully done it!), is not being too frugal. Do I want to drive to work everyday or do I want to fly to Europe? Europe.

          Suck it up, Princess Maria, you are bussing and you will be goddamn grateful for it when you board your flight. Furthermore, you will go out despite bus schedules, cold weather, and fun time cut-offs. Before saying no to going out, you must ask yourself if it’s because you don’t want to go (usually not a valid excuse in itself, as socializing and new experiences are necessary for happiness) or because you don’t want to take the bus to get there. If your response has anything to do with transportation, you will walk your ass down to the bus stop and head out.

          I guess all I needed was some tough love. Decision TBD.

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