Benefits of Failure

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          I love what J.K. Rowling has to say about fear of failure. She is a fabulous example of how pursuing happiness can transform a person’s life. Aside from writing fiction in such a way that is both imaginative and believable (yes, I was one of those kids who thought I’d be off to Hogwarts at age 11), she can deliver an incredibly inspiring commencement speech. During her speech, she clarifies that happiness is not found in an impressive degree or resume. She emphasizes that life is not simply summarized by a list of qualifications. Failure is unavoidable, and living an overly cautious life for fear of failure is failure in itself. Most notably, she explains the important role failure plays in self-realization and motivation, referring to failure as a gift. (Note to self: Be grateful to have failed already!) You can listen to the humbling words that J.K. Rowling shared with Harvard’s graduating class of 2008 here:


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