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          My dad inspires me. Not only is he the kindest, most thoughtful man I’ve ever known, but he makes a living doing what he loves: playing hockey. For the past two decades, my dad has owned his own business that provides recreational hockey players with goalies for their regular hockey games. Often, that goalie is my dad. Other times, it’s one of the goalies that work for him.

          Some of my favourite childhood memories are the days that my dad would take my sisters and I to hockey with him. We would sit in the stands, running between the benches and cheering on our dad every time he made a save (and whispering in worry when he hit the ice, because we didn’t understand that he was intending to do so to block the puck; not falling to his tragic demise). We never referred to my dad’s business as work, because that’s not what my dad called it. To this day, when my dad is off to “work,” he always says, “I’m going to hockey.” I don’t know if I’ve ever heard him say, “I’m going to work.” It was really weird to type “work” in reference to hockey in the last few sentences. I almost considered deleting my use of the word, but I want to demonstrate that for some people, “work” isn’t work. Those people aren’t only famous singers, movie stars, or professional sports players. They are people like my dad, who know what they love and have the courage to spend their lives doing it.

          It is a bold move to give up a biweekly paycheque in favour of your passion. It’s giving up security for uncertainty, which people tend to be afraid of, myself included. My dad did it, without stressing about how everything would turn out. He made his passion a part of his daily life, and raised four girls while doing it. I hope that I one day have the strength to do the same.

          I wish I inherited more dad genes: patience, friendliness, good spiritedness, chillness, unconditional acceptance of others, love of learning, etc, etc, etc. I could go on forever with an endless list of overall awesomeness. At the risk of pissing off my mother, I was blessed with mostly the opposite of everything he is: mom genes. Most of all, I hope that I inherited his courage. I hope that I go after my dream. Like my dad always reminds me (and one of my past roommates has adopted as her life motto after meeting my dad), “Just live your life.” (Yeah, TI and Rihanna totes knew my dad in a past life.) Here’s to the best dad in the world! Raise your imaginary champagne glasses with me, peeps!

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