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04.07.2013 - My Life Dream          I love to travel. For as long as I’ve known the meaning of the word, travel has been my dream. I love to see and experience new things, particularly new foods in new places. As a kid, my big goal was to travel the world. (I wanted this even more than I wanted to be a millionaire by age 25. Oh, the naivety of children. I’m two years away from 25 with a negative net worth. According to financial statements, I am literally worth less than nothing.) Somewhere along the path of life, the importance of attaining that goal was replaced by the expectation of going to university. (I would like to thank North American cultural ideals for manipulating my young, malleable mind.) However, travelling the world, specifically Europe, did not stop being my aspiration.

          Sadly, it just never became my priority. Yes, I’ve made plans and attempts to save the money for it and make it happen, none of which lasted more than two months, taking a backseat to something more important or pressing. This fact is even more depressing when I remind myself that I had a best friend to conquer the world with me until twelve days ago, when she broke the news that she can no longer commit to travelling with me. My world collapsed. I beat myself up for not making it happen earlier, when she still wanted me as a travelling partner in crime. My dream dissipated. I had planned on travelling with my best friend. I did not want to go alone. I can be alone at home.

          Two days ago, I asked my co-worker about her thoughts on travelling abroad solo for a long stretch of time. Without hesitation, she said that she would do it. I asked how she could so easily get up and go without her friends. Wouldn’t she miss them? She shrugged her shoulders, confirming that she may, but she could make new friends. I was stunned. I thought that was such an odd response, so I asked someone else the same question. I got the same answer. Two for two. I realized that I’m the strange one. I would actually give up my dream for my best friend, who isn’t even sure to what degree she wants me in her life. I always knew that I was too dependent on Olivia, but these conversations showed me that I was more reliant on her than I thought. I was inspired by the independence and adaptiveness of these people, one being my 15-year-old little sister. Travelling the world was my dream before I knew Olivia. It is important enough to prevail outside of her. World, here I come.

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